1. You, Your, You’re – Refers to the fitter / installer of vehicle graphics on behalf of JVG Visuals.co.uk
  2. Us, We, Our – Refers to JVG Visuals.co.uk
  3. Customer(s) – Refers to the customer of JVG Visuals Ltd, any persons engaged in paid transaction with JVG Visuals.co.uk
  4. You are not permitted to contact any customers directly. All arrangements made between you and our customer must be done so via us. This includes times, dates, etc.
  5. Any future works between you and a referred customer are not permitted through direct contact by any party. All contact present and future must be made through us.
  6. No discussions are to be undertaken with regards to the costs or pricing between you and our customer. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you confirm to adhere to a strict non disclosure cause which prevents our customer knowing the specific arrangements agreed between you and us. Any costs and prices will be arranged between us and our customer directly. If you are found to have discussed your costings with our customer, this may result in action being taken.
  7. You are not permitted to display your personal or company information on the customers vehicle where the referral has been provided by us. This will include but not limited to stickers or graphics containing your logo, branding or contact information. Furthermore, no electronic or paper based information shall be provided from your organisation to our customer referred to you by us. This can include but not limited to emails, branded stationary, business cards, etc.
  8. You cannot invoice our customer directly for any works referred to you by us. All payments to your organisation must be made from our customer to us and from us to you. This includes any additional works ordered by a customer with you during the process of fitting a product.
  9. All works are to be signed off by our customer prior to customer collecting their vehicle. In order for us to process your invoice for works completed we must have a signed copy of our sign off sheet by the customer, a copy of your invoice, 4 clear photographs (front, rear, each side). Where works have been undertaken on the roof of a vehicle an additional photograph is necessary. All this must be provided to us within 24 hours of completion of the works and in one email showing the job number clearly in the subject box.
  10. You must agree to pass any referred works generated by previous works directly to us. For example, if a customer returns to you at any point following our referral of that customer to you, the details of the contact must be passed straight to us and cannot be dealt with by yourselves internally.
  11. You cannot copy or replicate any of our design works in any way. Amendments, changes or updates to designs or artworks must be arranged and discussed with us.
  12. You are not permitted to display imagery or text relating to projects referred to you by us on your website, social media outlets or any marketing material. This includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  13. It is your sole responsibility to ensure the sign off sheet is completed by the customer before they leave your premises with the vehicle. It is also your responsibility to send us the completed customer sign off sheets, your invoice and the required photographs within 24 hours of completing the work.
  14. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you confirm you have the necessary insurance in place to cover any damage to vehicles throughout the installation procedure and also any implications as a result of this installation. Any damaged caused to a vehicle whilst in your possession or being worked on by you at a customer’s premises will be subject to cover from your insurance policy. It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct level of cover is in place.
  15. Once timescales are agreed between you and us they must be adhered to unless extenuating circumstances occur which mean this is not possible.
  16. Any adjustment to agreed timescales must be discussed directly with us NOT the customer, no less than 72 hours prior to the date of installation.
  17. JVG Visuals Ltd may send you products and materials that are to be used in a project you are to be undertaking on our behalf. If this is the case, these products must be carefully checked with the delivery driver prior to signing for the goods to ensure they have arrived in perfect condition. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage of products sent to you after they have been signed for by the courier.
  18. You are responsible for checking and recording damage to a customer’s vehicle when it arrives for installation. We recommend completing a vehicle inspection form with the customer prior to installation to ensure your protection against liability for damage to a vehicle that existed prior to you receiving it into your care. A vehicle inspection sheet will be provided to you upon request.
  19. JVG Visuals Ltd may on occasion visit you or your premises to check the progress of a project. At which time our client’s vehicle must be made available for inspection without exception.


  • You, Your, You’re – Refers to the customer
  • Us, We, Our – Refers to JVG Visuals.co.uk
  1. The intellectual property of designs contained herewith remains the property of usindefinitely. We reserve the right to retain, reacquire or reuse any designed, produced or fitted item until the date of full payment being received.
  2. We reserve the right to retain intellectual property of this design indefinitely and no replication of this design or similar can be produced without full consent of us.
  3. Amendments to any JVG Visuals.co.uk design by any third party are restricted indefinitely. Any amended designs by a third party must not contain any more than 30% of the original artwork / design idea. We reserve the right to pursue payment for any product / design / fitted item we deem to breach these terms.
  4. Obtaining a quotation independently of JVG Visuals.co.uk for the artwork /produced by us is strictly prohibited indefinitely.
  5. These Terms and Conditions not only apply to the vehicle we create the original artwork for, but to any subsequent vehicles you may acquire.
  6. These Terms and Conditions only apply to the application of graphics to a ‘vehicle’. Application of logos and branding designed by JVG Visuals.co.uk is permitted for use on other visual mediums (i.e. business stationary, banners, signs, web use or any item not deemed to be a ‘vehicle’). The use of logos and branding on items not deemed to be a vehicle is only permitted once full payment has been received for a transaction between you and JVG Visuals.co.uk for works completed to a vehicle.
  7. The artwork for your project forms part of your final invoice. However, this does include free unlimited amendments until artwork signoff and you receive your order confirmation. If you decide not to use this artwork and not to proceed with a project you will not be charged for the artwork. However, if you are found to have replicated / duplicated or used our design in any way without our consent and not as part of an order confirmation issued by JVG Visuals.co.uk, then you will be subjected to financial penalties, legal proceedings or both.
  8. An invoice for artwork charges only will be payable by you within 7 days of our invoice date and further penalties may be issued for none compliance.
  9. Unless stated otherwise by you, we may use photographs of your vehicle on our website in order to build our portfolio. If you object to this, please make us aware before installation commences.
  10. We reserve the right to use your email address for marketing purposes, however these details will never be passed to a third party organisation.
  11. Please read and check your email proof / design carefully, ensuring all details are correct to your requirements. Any designs contained within our emails remain the property of JVG Visuals Ltd until full payment is received.
  12. We cannot accept any responsibility for errors in your final artwork, of any kind, found after your approval.
  13. For your convenience, JVG Visuals Ltd can consider email response as an acceptable method of artwork approval and can be used as a method of order confirmation. Replying to one of our artwork emails with confirmation such as (but not limited to) “Okay” or “Good to go” is classed as design confirmation and we will use this as acceptance.